How To Use Twitter Likes With Ethics

News 08:07 July 2020:

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On the Internet, so many things can be misinterpreted or misconstrued because it lacks the personal touch of a voice or facial expressions to accompany what you meant to say. Using social media functions such as twitter likes and Facebook emotions can somewhat help you with that.

Having said that, there is some unspoken rule of thumb when it comes to expressing your thoughts and feelings when you’re online. Twitter likes, for example, shouldn’t be used to spam every tweet of someone you like or adore. Flooding his or her twitter with likes can come across as stalk-ish so you may want to choose which tweet you like best even though you feel the person writes great things.

You can use likes to get someone’s attention on twitter, but if you’re not too shy, mentioning them would be a better way because most of the time, a user don’t check the other user’s account simply because he or she liked a tweet. Basically, it’s a good idea to space out the number of likes you place on another user’s account.